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Join Waseda Open Supporters!!
What is Waseda Open Supporters?
「Excite the Waseda Open!!」
In order to make Waseda Open widely known to many people, and to make the tournament more entertaining and enjoyable, we want anyone, such as tennis fans to join this Waseda Open Supporters.
n  Member's Fee (TBA at websites and offcial SNS)
n  Active retweets of Waseda Open Official Twitter acount
n  Any one who can agree on photos posted on the Waseda Open Website or the Offical SNS
Supporter Benefits
n  Member's Card
n  Tournament Original Sweater
n  Stamp Card
n Access to Supporter Exclusive Louge
n  Access to Supporter Exclusive events
(Check below for event details)          
Stamp Cards
In order to reward supporters' active partcipation on the tournament and the advertisement activities, supporters can obtain points with rewards.
  Requirement #of Stamps 
Visits Per one visit to the tournament(per day) 2
Advertisements Per retweeting Official SNS tweets (Except match scores) 1
Events Per event participation  1
Purchases Purchase of Waseda Open items per 1000 yen 1
  # of stamps requried
200 yen discount ticket 5
Waseda Open item 15
Waseda Open Honor Award 20
Special Events Details Be aware of the entry requirements for the events!
Event :Waseda Open Supporters Special Event
Requirement  :Any owning more than 4 points in the supporters' stamp cards
Registeration: Event Registeration page on the Waseda Open website or
        ・Email ( or
        ・At the reception in the venue
※Registeration from the website or the mail is due March 14th, 2020 at 4pm.
 Date: 9:00am - 10:30am March 15th, 2020 (The final match is from 11am)
 Venue : Waseda Univeristy Higashifushimi Mikami Commemoration Court 
We Invited a Special Guest!!!
Our special guest … won the All-Japan Tennis Championship when she was 15 years old, and started her professional career. Her career high achievement is the 3R of grandslams, and her career high WTA ranking was 40th in singles. She is extremely talented, active professional tennis player!
※This picture is irrelevant from this event.